Posted on: October 29, 2010 1:25 am

First Game Recap: Cavs v Celtics

Ok for this season I'm going to try to give a recap and my opinions after most of the games.  I'm going to watch as many of the games as possible and I'll write about it here.  I'll make sure to get the big games.  Anyway onto the first win of the year.

The Pro's

1.  J.J. Hickson played great for the Cavaliers even while going up against KG, still one of the best defensive bigs in the NBA.  Everyone knows the kid is athletic and is going to be near impossible to stop on the break but no one was sure how he would do in the half court stuck with a front court guy who is only effective inside the paint.  I was worried about the JJ and Andy front court because both guys jumpers were really inconsistent last year but J.J.'s jumper was good enough last night to make other teams respect it.  Which is big for JJ because he's got a great first step so if his defender is forced to play tight he can use that step to get to the basket where he can finish.  I really like what I saw from JJ.

2.  I like how the team looked as a whole with Byron Scott at the wheel.  The Cavs played really good D and did a decent job on Rondo who gave the Cavs fits last year.  Rondo had 18 points and 9 assists but he wasn't controlling the game like he did last year.  The offense looked ok as a whole.  There was a lot of movement which is weird to see after watching Mike Brown run team for the 6 years he was here.  I think Mo will be very successful if the Cavs can find someone to get him the ball after he runs off those screens being set.

3.  Ryan Hollins was a nice surprise off the bench.  He puts up a lot of effort and looks like he will be a solid rebounder on both end of the floor.  Hollins also flashed signs of a nice little jumper which could be a nice bonus.

The Con's

1.  Boobie and Sessions did not shoot well especially in the first half.  Boobie shot 28% and Sessions shot 40%.  Not to good especially for Boobie who put up 14 shots in his time on the floor.  Sessions also had more turnovers than assists which isn't what were looking for from the only pure point guard on the roster.  He can't be turning the ball over this much if he is going to be a main distributer.  This could be a big issue down the road.  Ramon Sessions was looking to score to much and not looking to set people up enough.

2.  Antawn Jamison continued to look bad in his first game after a terrible preseason.  KG is tough but you gotta be making an impact on the offensive end every game off the bench for this team to be at its best.  If Jamison can get them points when JJ and other main scorers are on the bench that will be so big for this team.  I hope he cares about winning still.  After whats happened to him I don't think I'd blame him if he gave up.

3.  It was a great win but the Celtics mailed it in.  Plain and simple we didn't get the best Celtics team tonight.  They played a tough opening game the night before and Doc Rivers knows better than anyone that the NBA regular season is a marathon and not a sprint.

OK first recap of the year so if people are reading this (especially cavs fans) I'd love to hear your opinions on games and the way I set up these recaps.

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