Posted on: April 1, 2010 11:45 am

Mike Brown

If you saw the end of the Cavaliers Bucks game last night than you know what I am talking about.  If you didn't i'll tell you what happened.  Ok so the game is tied and the cavs have the ball with like 28 secs left and something like 13 secs on the shot clock.  Mo Williams gets the ball and he drives to the base line.  Lebron is at the top of the three point line.  As Mo is driving Antawn Jamison sets a pick for LBJ so LBJ is free to cut straight to the hoop.  Mo draws four Bucks defenders watching him as he finds a cutting LBJ for a layup should have been an and one.  Brilliant.

I was fully expecting for Lebron to get the ball and dribble at the top of the ark than jack up a crazy three with 2 secs left on the shot clock.  That sometimes works but doesn't have to high of a chance of working.  I love Lebron but that is such a stupid way to try to win a game.  He doesn't even drive to the basket where he could get fouled or make a layup.

I have been a Cavs fan my entire life and I have seen some terrible coaching moments from Mike Brown and his staff.  So you can imagine how excited I was when the coaches draw up a brilliant play at the end of regulation.  I sometimes feel that the coaches are afraid to stand up to LBJ in the huddle when he says let me iso this or let me take this one coach.  I also like that LBJ was playing off the ball on this possesion.  When teams play the cavs and the game is tied teams expect LBJ to iso to try to win it because that is the only thing we have done for like the last four or five years.  So I know the Bucks weren't expecting LBJ to be working off the ball which is great.  I love to see this.

Only problem with this play is they wasted it on a regular season game against the Bucks.  What are they thinking?  It seems like Mike Brown has something like 2 plays for end of the game situations and he used his smartest play that he has ever run in the regular season.  Why not wait til the post season and just let LBJ take a tough shot to win the game?  If he misses we'll just win it in ot. 

This is the kind of stuff I have dealt with as a cavs fan.  I loved the play.  It was so smart and was great coaching but of course Mike Brown uses it on a meaningless game that they probably could have won anyway.  This play would be perfect to run against Orlando.  A team that we have spent the entire offseason preparing to try to beat.  But we waste a perfect play for the team we have spent something like 33 million trying to beat (Shaq, Jamison, and Moon were all brought in for the Magic ).  On this play, Mo drives baseline taking his man with him and Dwight Howard comes over to protect the rim.  Jamison pick Pietrus, who is a very good one on one defender, and LBJ has a possible dunk in the paint to win game 7 in the ECF.

Mike Brown showed brilliance by drawing up the play (doubt he was the one to draw it up but o well) but then showed classic stupidity in the timing of using the play.

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