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Posted on: March 26, 2010 11:15 pm

One more year! One more year!

If Evan Turner returns for his senior season the buckeyes will be a tough team to contend with next year.  With a stellar recruiting class coming to Columbus, headed by two McDonald's All Americans, this team will flirt with a number one ranking all year long.  If The Villain comes back OSU could a favorite to win it all.  This depth chart is just a guess as to what it may look like next season.

PG- Evan Turner / Aaron Craft

If Evan Turner does come back he will be an obvious favorite for player of the year honors and all the other accolades.  But we all know what Evan can do.  Aaron Craft is going to give the buckeyes some much needed depth behind Turner.  Next year Craft will be a high energy defender type guy that will work well in a zone or in man.  He plays great one on one defense and is also a very good ball handler.  If Turner stays he will be able to come off the floor and take some breaks unlike this year which was Ohio State's biggest weakness.

SG- William Buford / John Diebler / Lenzelle Smith Jr. / Jordan Sibert

William Buford and John Diebler showed great shooting touch this season and were both major contributors on the team.  Next year I think these guys might need to share minutes at both wing spots.  Smith and Sibert will both fight for minutes next year but I'm sure they will get some time in.  Smith is a lefty scorer who uses his body well.  He is ranked in the top 100 incoming recruits by ESPN.com.  Sibert is recovering from an injury but will be ready to go by next year.  He is a solid scorer and shooter.  Shooting guard will be the most deep and talented positions on the team next season.

SF- David Lighty / DeShaun Thomas / J.D. Weatherspoon

David Lighty will be back for his senior season and will be given the job of defensive stopper for the third season in a row.  He has developed his offensive game and should be a major player his senior year.  Thomas is the first of two McDonald's All Americans on this team and he is a great player.  He is a lefty who can play both forward positions.  He is very strong and athletic and does a lot of damage around the basket.  Weatherspoon was a teammate of Jared Sullinger, 2nd highest ranked high school player, and is a very athletic forward.  Small forward is another very deep position lead by a 5th year senior and defensive stopper.

PF- Jared Sullinger / David Lighty / DeShaun Thomas / Nikola Kecman

Lead by McDonald's All American number two Jared Sullinger this position should give Ohio State major production.  Sullinger is a beast on the boards and can score in bunches.  Lighty and Thomas will play both SF and PF when Thad Matta wants to go with a smaller lineup like the Buckeyes played most of this season.  Lighty and Thomas will both be able to guard averaged sized PF's with out much trouble and both can score on bigger guys.  Sullinger will probably be a one and done so look for him to have a huge season for the Buckeyes.
Nikola Kecman probably won't see much time but he can hit an outside jumper if you need one.

C- Dallas Lauderdale / Jared Sullinger / Zisis Sarikopoulos

Dallas, another senior, will be asked to rebound and block shots just like this year.  They won't need scoring out of him but will use his hard work inside for offensive rebounds.  Sullinger will play some center for this team.  The big question for the bucks is if Zisis can have an impact.  He is a 7 ft 1 transfer from UAB and didn't have any impact for the Bucks in this season.  If he can develop his game and give the Buckeyes a seven footer off the bench that would help tremendously. 

As you can see this team will be very good with or without Evan Turner.  Of course if he stays the Buckeyes will be in a great spot for a national championship run.  If he leaves OSU will still have a chance to make some noise in the Tourney with the 3 seniors, 3 juniors, and stud recruiting class.  The future looks bright for Thad Matta and company.
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The Best Story in College Hoops

If I told you the happiest player in college basketball sat the bench on a regular basis and was just a walk on would you believe me?  Well you should because a bench warmer on the Ohio State Buckeyes recently said he wouldn't change places with any player in college basketball history.

Mark Titus is an Ohio State walk on and rarely sees the floor.  He is mostly known, not for basketball but, for blogging.  Titus was an OSU manager until he quit but then was brought back to the team as a walk on because of injuries.  His blog is about his expierences at tOSU and all of the behind the scenes things that normal fans don't get to see.  Titus is a Co-founder of Club trillion which is a club made up by bench warmers at OSU whose goals are to get in the game with a minute or two left in a blowout win and not record and stats so their stat sheet shows one minute played followed by a bunch of zeros.  That is what they call a trillion.

Titus' blog has well over two million views and has a very strong following by the Trillion Man March, the name of his faithful followers.  The blog is very funny and as a huge college basketball fan I love to see all the inside info.  Titus gave the nickname of "The Villian" to Evan Turner in the blog and that has kind of stuck to the POY.  On a very emotional senior night Evan Turner who sometimes gets playfully abused in the blog wore a Club Tril shirt with the villian nickname on the back.  Also the entire student section wore Club Tril shirts in support of Mark "the shark" Titus.  Titus ended his career at OSU in very fitting fashion.  He got into the game with a minute left, got the trillion, and OSU won a share of the big ten title.

The main reason though I am writing about Mark Titus is because of the money he has raised for a local Columbus charity.  With all of the shirts that Titus has sold he has given all the money to this charity, A-kid again.  Mark has raised over 30k for this charity.  He has been on numerous tv shows and has become quite popular but he never let it go to his head and has done a great thing for this charity.  I love reading his blog and will eventually read the book he wants to write about his expierences with Greg Oden, Evan Turner, and everyone else at OSU.

Here is a link to the blog if you would like to check it out.


also check out his Mr. Rainmaker video at this link


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Evan Turner POY?

This year started out with a clear winner for POY in college basketball but now there are a couple different players this award could go to.  Kentucky's John Wall was the early favorite and in many peoples eyes still is.  I have a different opinion.  I think the POY honors should go to Evan Turner of Ohio State.  The 6 foot 7 wing/point guard is having a great season and has the buckeyes ranked 12th in the country.  Turner might be the best all around player in the country and has put the Buckeyes on his back.

One of the main ways Turner dominates a game his scoring ability.  In the past two seasons Evan hasn't been as productive and that is because all of his scoring had to be around the basket as his jumper was lacking.  This year his jump shot is much improved.  His pull up game has been the most impressive for me this season.  He can conserve energy by just hitting some pull up jumpers instead of being forced to attack the basket every time down the floor and with how much the ball is in his hands and how much Thad Matta likes to play his starters Turner needs to consever energy anyway he can.  Also a pretty amazing stat is that Turners FG% has increased this year even though he is taking more jumpers than he has in the past which shows that he has really improved in that category.

Another way Evan Turner is breaking down opponets is his passing ability.  Turner is averaging 6 assists per game this season and is really playing point guard for this buckeye team even though he will play wing in the NBA which shows his versitility.  His assist to turnover ratio is 1.51 which is very good for how much the ball is in his hands and that he isn't really a true point guard.

Lastly Turner is averaging a little over 9 rebounds per game.  I find this stat most amazing because he is playing point guard.  Since Ohio st starts 4 wing players and normally plays zone rebounding is very important for this buckeye team.  He has really stepped up to the plate and really has helped Dallas Lauderdale grab some rebounds.  Turner has had 5 games of 13 or more rebounds and two games where he grabbed 17 rebounds.

What makes this season even crazier for turner is he missed six and a half games this season with a broken back that he injured on a dunk against Eastern Michigan.  Turner has two triple doubles on the season which is the most in Ohio st basketball history.  I think Evan Turner is the best in the country.

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