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Posted on: March 14, 2010 12:15 am
Edited on: March 14, 2010 1:02 pm

The Best Story in College Hoops

If I told you the happiest player in college basketball sat the bench on a regular basis and was just a walk on would you believe me?  Well you should because a bench warmer on the Ohio State Buckeyes recently said he wouldn't change places with any player in college basketball history.

Mark Titus is an Ohio State walk on and rarely sees the floor.  He is mostly known, not for basketball but, for blogging.  Titus was an OSU manager until he quit but then was brought back to the team as a walk on because of injuries.  His blog is about his expierences at tOSU and all of the behind the scenes things that normal fans don't get to see.  Titus is a Co-founder of Club trillion which is a club made up by bench warmers at OSU whose goals are to get in the game with a minute or two left in a blowout win and not record and stats so their stat sheet shows one minute played followed by a bunch of zeros.  That is what they call a trillion.

Titus' blog has well over two million views and has a very strong following by the Trillion Man March, the name of his faithful followers.  The blog is very funny and as a huge college basketball fan I love to see all the inside info.  Titus gave the nickname of "The Villian" to Evan Turner in the blog and that has kind of stuck to the POY.  On a very emotional senior night Evan Turner who sometimes gets playfully abused in the blog wore a Club Tril shirt with the villian nickname on the back.  Also the entire student section wore Club Tril shirts in support of Mark "the shark" Titus.  Titus ended his career at OSU in very fitting fashion.  He got into the game with a minute left, got the trillion, and OSU won a share of the big ten title.

The main reason though I am writing about Mark Titus is because of the money he has raised for a local Columbus charity.  With all of the shirts that Titus has sold he has given all the money to this charity, A-kid again.  Mark has raised over 30k for this charity.  He has been on numerous tv shows and has become quite popular but he never let it go to his head and has done a great thing for this charity.  I love reading his blog and will eventually read the book he wants to write about his expierences with Greg Oden, Evan Turner, and everyone else at OSU.

Here is a link to the blog if you would like to check it out.


also check out his Mr. Rainmaker video at this link


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