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Posted on: July 15, 2010 6:52 pm
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ATMD PP2 Standings and Schedule

Below is an updated list of the Standings and Results for PP2 of ATMD IV. It will be consistenly updated to fulfill your ATMD needs.

To avoid any confusion, you do not get credit for your opponent being hit with penalties. For example, in the BMU-LBJ game, beore the penalties were enforced, BMU won 23-2.5. BMU gets 19 points because of his 4 point penalty, but his PA stays at 2.50 as he doesn't get to benefit from LBJ's mistake. And for LBJ he gets credit for -.5 points for because of his 3 point penalty. However, his PA stays at 23 since he doesn't get to benefit from BMU's mistake. Penalties are only meant to hurt the violator. Not benefit anyone else. Any confusion over this can be explained by Kmvenne but anyone with a pulse should be able to understand what I just said.

Group A                                           

Black and Blue Wackadoos 3-0 ( PF: 64.3 PA: 3.75) 96% UR
Coast 2 Coast 3-0 (PF: 51 PA: 12.75) 80% UR
Good A** Job 2-1 (PF: 44.10 PA: 18) 71% UR
The Flying McDutchmen 1-2 ( PF: 8 PA: 26.55) 71% UR 


All Eyes on Us 2-1 (PF: 45.25 PA: 18) 72% UR
World's Greatest One Man Band 2-1 ( PF: 43.55 PA: 23.35 ) 65% UR
The Whole Fukcing Show 2-1 (PF: 29.75 PA: 34.60 ) 46% UR
The Diamond Cutters 2-1 (PF: 27 PA: 37.75) 42%
Who Wants Em' 1-2 (PF: 25.78 PA: 41.60) 38% UR
Cain and Able 1-2 (PF: 19.50 PA: 38.5) 34% UR
Caucasian Sensations 1-2 (PF: 11.50 PA: 50.50) 19% UR
The Clutch Killers 1-2 (PF: 6.1 PA: 31.55) 16% UR
Sulphorous Nonentities 0-3 (PF: 21.75 PA: 42.50) 34% UR
Come N Get It 0-3 (PF: 8.10 PA: 64.03) 11% UR


Monday, July 12th 

Coast 2 Coast vs. Who Wants Em' - Coast 2 Coast 21.75 - .5   (missed votes: BMU, Cain)

Good Ass Job vs. The World's Greatest One Man Band WGOMB 13.50 - 9.50  (missed votes: Joe, BMU (2), Mcgradykid)

Friday, July 16th

The Clutch Killers vs The Whole ****ing Show TWFS 12.75 - 5.75 (missed votes: BMU (4), LBJ (2), Cain (3), McG (2), Mighty)

All Eyes on Us vs. Come N Get It All Eyes on Us 21.5 - 0 (missed vots: BMU (3), LBJ, Cain (2), Blood)

Monday, July 19th

The Diamond Cutters vs. Sulphurous Nonentities The Diamond Cutters 15.25 - 5 (missed votes: Blood (2), Kmvenne)

The Flying McDutchmen vs. Caucasian Sensations- The Flying McDutchmen 23 - 2.50 (19 - -.5 w/ penalties) (missed votes: Jaysta, 3G) 

Friday, July 23rd

The Whole ****ing Show vs. The World's Greatest One Man Band
  TWFS 12.5 - 11.25 (missed votes: Jakey, BMU (5), McG (3))

Black & Blue Wackadoos vs. Cain and Able  Black and Blue Wackadoos 15.75 - 1.25 (missed votes: McG (4), LBJ (3), Jakey (2), 3G (2)) 

Monday, July 26th

Good Ass Job vs. Come N Get It
 - Good Ass Job 17-0 (missed votes: LBJ (4 E), BMU (6), McG (5 E), Cain (4 E))

Coast to Coast vs. 
All Eyes on Us Coast 2 Coast 16-7 (missed votes: BMU (7 E))

Friday, July 30th

The Flying McDutchmen vs. The Clutch Killers
 - FF win The Clutch Killers (-)1 - 0. (Jakey loses a point for missed votes). BMU loses 13 points for missed votes.

Who Wants Em vs. Caucasian Sensations - CS 9.75 - 4.75 (McG 6 point penalty enforced, LBJ 2 point penalty enforced) (missed votes: BMU (1), Jakey (3))

Monday, August 2nd

Sulphurous Nonentities vs. Cain and Able
 - Cain and Able 13 - 11.25 (missed votes: 3G (3 E), McG (1))

Black & Blue Wackadoos vs. The Diamond Cutters
 - B&BW 24.5 - .5 (missed votes: Cain (1))

Friday, August 6th

Coast 2 Coast vs. Sulphurous Nonentities-  Coast 2 Coast 13.25 - 5.5 (missed votes: LBJ (2), Cain (2) BNW (1))

Good Ass Job vs. 
The Whole **** ing Show-  Good Ass Job 17.60 - 4.50 (missed votes: BMU (2), LBJ (1), L2408 (1))

Monday, August 9th

Who Wants Em vs. Come N Get It- Who Wants Em 20.53 - 8.10 (missed votes: Cain (3 E))

All Eyes on Us vs. Caucasion Sensations- All Eyes on Us 16.75 - 2 (missed votes: L2408 (2), WCF (1), BMU (3 ))

Friday, August 13th

The Clutch Killers vs. The World's Greatest One Man Band- WGOMB 18.80 - 1.35 (missed votes: Biggy (1), Cain (1))

The Diamond Cutters vs. Cain and Able- The Diamond Cutters 11.5 - 5.25 (Cain -3 in Penalties) (missed votes: 3G (1), BMU (4 E), Kmvenne (2))

Monday, August 16th

Black & Blue Wackadoos vs The Flying McDutchmen-  B&BW 24.05 - 2 (no missed votes) (BMU -2 for missed votes)

Coast 2 Coast vs. Good Ass Job- GAJ wins 

Friday , August 20th
The Clutch Killers vs. Caucasian Sensations- Clutch Killers 9 - 3.5, TKC are 11 seed, CS is 12 seed (missed votes: BMU (1), Cain (1), Jaysta (1))

Sulphorous Nonentities vs. Come N Get It - Sulphorous Nonentities win via FF....SN is 13 seed, CNGI is 14

Monday, August 23rd

Who Wants Em vs. Cain and Able - Cain and Able 23.4 - 0, C&A is 9 seed, WWE is 10 (missed votes: Buc (1), Jaysta (2), BMU (2))

The Diamond Cutters vs. The Whole Fukcing Show - The Diamond Cutters 12.95 - 5, TDC is 7 seed, TWFS is 8 (missed votes: Jaysta (3), BMU (3), JP (3), Cain (2))

All Eyes on Us vs. WGOMB - WGOMB 12.30 - 0, WGOMB is 5 seed, AEOU is 6 (missed votes: Jaysta (4), BMU (4), Kmvenne (1), Biggy (1))

kmvenne's birthday
Black & Blue Wackadoos vs. Good Ass Job- winner gets bye and 1 or 2 seed

Coast 2 Coast vs. The Flying McDutchmen- winner gets bye and 1 or 2 seed
Monday, August 30th

End of PP2. Trade Deadline to start at time TBD.

Posted on: June 25, 2010 9:57 am

Free Agency 2010- From a fan of a non-factor team

With all the headlines and spotlight on the 2010 Free Agency class, it is easy to get hyped up over the potential BOOM that will come from the end of this summer. The entire landscape of the NBA could change and in one off-season alone, its not out of the realm of possibility that a team could go from mediocre franchise to the next dynasty if the chips fall in the right place. If you are a fan of the Knicks, Bulls, Heat, Nets, Clippers, heck even someone like the Wizards who are thrilled coming off the John Wall pick, this time of the year is especially enjoyable and there is a ton to be excited about. But what about those teams not involved in the Free Agent frenzy? What about those teams who won't be experiencing the glory and heartbreak of this 2010 Free Agent Class. Mainly what about those teams who will be HURT by the 2010 Free Agency bonanza.

Yep, Im looking at you Raptors fans, maybe Mavs fans, and especially possibly you Cavs fans. As a Suns fan, I feel your pain. In all reality I look at this 2010 Free Agency with great distaste as it should mark the end of the Amar'e Stoudemire era in Phoenix and the return to non-contender of my beloved Suns. Sure we'll get money to spend when STAT leaves, but we're not bringing in any major players. We're not taking a step forward at all when he leaves. Our franchise is getting SHREDDED by the 2010 Free Agency class. While NBA teams rise to power, franchises are risen from the dead, and new potential all-time duos are being paired up, the fans I mentioned prior will only watch as our franchises fade into mediocrity.

The Phoenix Suns had a great chance to play for an NBA title this past and came up short to the Los Angleas Lakers. And other Suns fans like myself were hoping this would mark the beginning of a return to prominence and a step forward for a franchise searching for its first NBA title. But it will likely all be for naught because the Phoenix Suns owner is cheap and the Suns can't just trade picks and random players to make cap space (also because that same cheap owner already gave away enough picks for $). Sure, teams like the Suns, Mavs, etc. may have enough talent to make the playoffs still, but there's no enjoyment to this parade known as the 2010 free agent class. It's all just unfortunate news we have to listen to over and over.

So while you fans in Chicago, New York, Miami, New Jersey, etc. celebrate or cry when your 2010 Free Agency bonanza ends and you either look forward to future success and a change for the better or a future of "what-if's" when you look back at this off-season, just remember, some teams never had a chance.

And as a fan of one of those teams, all I can say is.....

SUCK IT!!!!!

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