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Posted on: April 16, 2010 3:45 am
Edited on: April 17, 2010 11:44 am

NBA Boards Playoff Challenge Rules

1. Each participant will pick one round at a time. Originally I was going to use the whole bracket at the beginning but with that it becomes less likely people will stay up with it if one of their Finals picks flops early. So we will do this on a round by round basis. I fully expect some people to drop out and not keep up with it so I ask that if you think you wouldn't keep up to date with it then don't join.

2. Points for each series will go as follows: 4 points for each correctly picked first round series, 7 for each second round series, 10 for the conference Finals, and 12 for picking the NBA Champ. You will also pick the number of games each series will go for that round and for each series you pick the winner AND the correct # of games you get 2 bonus points for that series.

3. Before the playoffs start there will be a prediction bonus that will last for the entire playoffs. You will pick the two teams who make the NBA finals as well as the Finals MVP. If you correctly predict one of the Finals teams its a 5 point bonus. If you correctly predict BOTH finals teams it is 10. If you predict both finals teams and the correct winner it will be a 15 point bonus. And finally if you predict both Finals teams, the winner, and the correct # of games, you will get a 20 point bonus. Correctly predicting the Finals MVP will be a 10 point bonus.
4. There will be 3 bonus questions for each round, each worth 5 points. They will be very random but attainable, perhaps something like "Which series will produce the most combined points?" If you pick the right series you get the 5 points. That way if someone is far behind in the standings, they aren't completely out of it.

5. Anyone who's bracket is not in before the first game of the playoffs will not be eligible. You may pick for fun but I won't include you in the standings.

6. I forgot to get it from everyone at the beginning so what I'll do is wait to see who is in the running to win it at the end and then for future heads up the tie-breaker question will be the total number of points scored in the NBA finals. Closest total wins.
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