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Posted on: September 2, 2010 11:39 pm

2010 NBA Boards NFL Picks Contest

Alright well since so many of us hate going onto the NFL board to talk (though I like that), I thought as oppose to endless NFL discussions every week taking up multiple posts, a simple Pick'Em contest on the NBA Boards can act as a thread each week to talk NFL on as well as see once again who knows their stuff. This past Spring, Rockdacrotch and Jefe tied for the win in the NBA Boards playoff contest I had set up. This won't be like that. There won't be any bonus questions going on. Just a simple weekly thread to get picks in and at the end of the season, we will have a NBA Boards NFL Pick'Em champ that you can e-brag about and go get yourself a t-shirt. All I ask is that you sign up ahead of time. I will probably take new people each week and they will start from zero, but if we get enough regulars taking part in it, then perhaps I will just count people who started in Week 1.

Only rules for the contest are:

Picks in by kickoff. If one game kicks off at 1:04 and another kicks off at 1:07 and you get your picks in at 1:05 Im not going through to see who has their picks in. I'll have the thread up each week ahead of time so that people have 3-4 days to get their picks in. One point for each correctly picked game. When you respond please vote "Spread or No Spread" Majority rules.  I will go with whatever the spreads are at the time I post the weekly thread, so if its a -4 on Wednesday and thats when I post it and by Sunday  its a -3, we're going with the minus 4.

Please sign up by copying the list of people who have signed up above you. If you and someone post and overlap, someone after those people try and add them in and copy the list and sign up. Thanks for your help and hopefully we have a big turnout.


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